Did you know... is a resource for helpful tips and recomendations surrounding general contracting and building.

Did you know proper insulation techniques produce a quite comfy home?

Sound Insulation 2

You are probably aware that adding insulation to exterior walls can help you both save money on energy costs and maintain a comfortable indoor environment. But did you know that when you insulate your interior walls, insulate between the floors and foam around interior doors, the sound transfer from room to room and floor to floor greatly decreases as well.

A quieter, more comfortable room is how Travis Construction builds all their custom homes.

Did you know spring is the best time to catch needed home repairs?

spring insptSpring time is here, and this winter was a big one. Time to get out and do a little inspection of your home. Inspect the following:

  1. Examine Roof Shingles- Examine roof shingles to see if any were lost or damaged during winter.
  2. Probe the Wood Trim - Use a screwdriver to probe the wood trim around windows, doors, railings and decks. Make repairs now before the spring rains do more damage to the exposed wood.
  3. Check the Gutters - Check for loose or leaky gutters. Improper drainage can lead to water in the basement or crawl space.
  4. Examine the Chimney - Examine the exterior of the chimney for signs of damage. Have the flue cleaned and inspected by a certified chimney sweep.
  5. Inspect the Concrete - Inspect concrete slabs for signs of cracks or movement. All exterior slabs except pool decks should drain away from the home's foundation.
  6. Check Outside Faucets - Check outside hose faucets for freeze damage. While you're at it, check the garden hose for dry rot.
  7. Replace batteries in smoke/carbon dioxide detectors.
  8. Repair/replace damaged window screens.
  9. Check and clean dryer vent, other exhaust vents to exterior of home.

Did you know...Never to use a razor blade on tempered glass?

Never use a razor blade on tempered class it will scratch the glass.
The process to make tempered glass is to bake it. There are fine particles that settle on the surface. When you use a razor blade, it pulls out these particles and scratches the surface.

Always use 00-00 steel wool on tempered glass.

Did you know...A good General Contractor is a great mediator?

Neighbors, inspectors, architects, homeowners, subcontractors — many parties are involved and impacted by a renovation, and a good contractor can keep anyone from coming to blows. Some disputes are bound to occur, and the contractor is often the one trying to reach a resolution, because next to the homeowner the GC has the most at stake.