Blake Nudell Appointed SCBA Vice-President

BN vpPlease join me in welcoming Blake Nudell, Owner and President of Travis Construction, and Summit County Builders Association Board Member, as Vice-President of the organization.

Blake is no stranger to construction, having been involved in many facets for the preceding 44 years, from laborer, to carpenter, to manager, to business owner and employer. He’s also been behind the scenes in the SCBA for the last 5 years as a board member. Blake, along with Paul Camillo, has worked extensively with our local Xcel Energy team to assist in navigating the difficult duty of bringing new utility services to project sites and maintaining a positive relationship while doing so.

Blake has graciously accepted the role and responsibility of Vice-President and in January 2020, will assume the role as President of the Summit County Builders Association. During a difficult time for the Builders Association, I cannot thank Blake enough to have the desire and compassion to help ensure that the success of the organization carries on.

Please welcome Blake as your Vice-President and incumbent President.

Donato Lipari
SCBA President