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Mary Ann & Steve

We are so very thankful for the really great work that you did on our addition. Given its location and style, it was a very hard project to undertake, and your performance was perfect in every way. You guys are simply fantastic! Luke undertook that project as if it was his own. He has an incredible “eye” for visualizing what can be done to a project to make it truly spectacular. In particular, Luke has a really good sense of home style and design that was so helpful given that this was our first significant experience in building. His skill in this area was, in all respects, a significant value-add. In addition, there were so many ways that he went beyond what was necessary for the project to be successful; the biggest one for me was fixing the heat in the study of our original house (it was hard to work on a computer with numb fingers!) Luke would also identify issues that arose during the construction process and took care of them on autopilot. In addition, Luke always made sure that we understood, in great detail, the cost of the project as the project was moving forward.

There are also great memories from the project: my feeble attempt to help Dave pull boards up that icy hill in the front of the house, Keith’s nonchalant discussion of the great views when sitting on top of a cliff with 300ft drop, and the hours that Vitaly spent simply studying the existing stonework before his work began - it just as if I were watching Michelangelo. Besides the folks at Travis putting their heart into this project, you made it a lot of fun in the process! For me, trust is such an important quality to have while working on a project. This includes the trust one’s business partner has the skill set to do the correct job, the trust that that everything goes right when one is absent, and the trust that one will be treated fairly. All the folks I worked with at Travis, and particularly Luke, excelled in this way. If we can ever be a reference for your work, we will be more than happy to provide it. Thank you for letting us work with you!