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Before Construction comes Consulting.

Travis Construction is a value-added provider of a broad range of pre-construction and construction services. Travis Construction’s highly developed technical and logistical experience qualifies it to undertake and execute the most complex of residential, commercial and industrial construction challenges. A disciplined and business-like approach to project planning, budgeting and execution has resulted in decades-long list of satisfied customers. Contract the folks at Travis Construction, Inc. and learn how they can bring excellence to your next construction project.

Pre-Construction Services

Pre-Construction Services

  • Value Engineering - Travis Construction's extensive field experience as custom and new home builders in Summit County is a valuable resource when working with an architect and related design professionals. We discover practical, cost-effective options that economically optimize the desired design effect.
  • Budgeting - The custom and new home builders at Travis Construction, Inc. in Summit County can provide a preliminary budget in order to enable you to have a complete financial picture of your construction undertaking.
  • Scheduling - Travis Construction, Inc. can prepare, for your review, a preliminary construction schedule in order to enable you to visualize the entire construction process as it relates to the planned project.
  • Constructability Review - Should Travis Construction be presented with completed construction documents, it offers comprehensive review services, the object of which is to discover and correct errors, omissions and contradictions in the plans. Such review eliminates potential costly corrections during the construction process.
  • Contract Options

    Contract Options

    Each construction project has its unique characteristics thus requiring contract arrangements structured to address desired objectives. Travis Construction offers flexibility in its construction agreements in order to be sensitive to specific needs. Some construction contract options are:
  • Negotiated Cost-Plus Contract – When project objectives are not well defined, a negotiated cost-plus contract arrangement permits the Summit County custom and new home builders at Travis Construction and you to collaborate on project objectives as the project progresses while working within a pre-determined budget framework. Such collaboration ensures the successful achievement of project objectives while minimizing construction costs.
  • Cost-Plus with a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) - A GMP is the budget limit that project costs must not exceed. As with a Negotiated Cost-Plus Contract, the construction project is still a collaborative effort between Travis Construction and you with the freedoms such an agreement permit.
  • Fixed Price Contract – When all project objectives are clearely defined and specified, Travis Construction can structure an agreement that requires Travis to execute the construction of the project for a pre-determined fixed-price. Such an arrangement is advantageous to you as it clearly establishes project objectives, defines the project construction duration and eliminates all risk to you.
  • Construction Management

    Construction Management

    Travis Construction's decades of experience in construction management qualifies it to be a valuable asset when assisting an owner in preparing for a construction project and in representing an owner during the construction process with regard to the project's architect and general contractor. Services Travis Construction provides are:

    • Feasibility Studies
    • Value Engineering
    • Project cost monitoring
    • Bid Reviews
    • Contract negotiations
    • Progress payment reviews
    • Cost to Complete analysis
    Custom Home Construction

    Custom Home Construction

  • We at Travis Construction Inc. recognize with any construction undertaking involving a home, the need for communication between clients and our Summit County custom and new home builders. It is our obligation to ensure your ultimate satisfaction with the results.
  • Residential Additions and Remodel

    Residential Additions and Remodel

    A room addition, a remodel, a basement finish or a complete do-over -- all should be causes for celebration, not events filled with dread. We at Travis Construction Inc. recognize that we are invited, if not necessarily welcome, guests into your home as we conduct the construction operations. Accordingly, any construction undertaking involving your home needs to be efficient, cost effective and predictable. As design and construction professionals, we recognize the need to be responsive to the objectives of our client and that it is our obligation to ensure his or her ultimate satisfaction with the results.
    Commercial Construction

    Commercial Construction

    Supreme organization and flawless execution is never more important than with the construction of commercial and mixed-use projects. We at Travis Construction understand the imperative to timely complete finished spaces in order to affect occupancy. And, of course, we are acutely aware of our client's need to be competitive in a challenging real estate market. Accordingly, economical construction methods and procedures are of paramount consideration.
    Commercial Renovation

    Commercial Renovation

    In order to remain competitive in today's challenging real estate market, many apartment and condominium complex owners and property managers are refreshing the curb appeal of their complexes and, at the same time, are going "green" by upgrading the energy efficiency of their buildings. Now may be the time for you to consider keeping up with the Jones's. Call us to learn how to freshen your buildings' exteriors, reduce energy costs and reduce maintenance costs.
    • “After over a year of investigation and exhausting all my ideas and resources, I called Blake Nudell at Travis Construction to look at the intermittent water seepage issue in our garden level. Travis Construction was relentless in identifying and solving our problem within a matter of weeks. Many kudos to Blake and Travis Construction. ”

      Harley V.
      Silverthorne, Colorado

    • “Travis Construction completed a major renovation for our HOA. Their team did quality work and communicated with the HOA board every step of the way. We like doing business with people we trust, Blake and his team really gave us a comfort level that we appreciated.”

      Dale G.
      Frisco HOA President

    • “Travis Construction is an extremely professional and responsive organization. In Summit County, the land of play and relaxation, it can be very difficult to find a dedicated and professional contractor. Travis Construction is exactly this and I know I can rely on their team whenever I need work done on my house. Thanks for doing a great job with everything!”

      Randy M.
      Boulder, Colorado