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Frostfire Condominiums

Frostfire Condominiums are located in the beautiful ski resort Keystone, Colorado. Originally built in the 1970's these condos were in need of a facelift. Travis Construction updated the exterior of the Frostfire condominiums with current mountain architecture. Now the buildings blend with the environment allowing the structure to sit in the environment instead of standing out against the environment. The Frostfire renovation began May of 2016 and was completed by mid-September of 2016. 

Check out our before and after's!

  • Entry Before

    Entry Before

  • Entry After

    Entry After

  • Exterior Before

    Exterior Before

  • Exterior After

    Exterior After

  • Siding Before

    Siding Before

  • Siding After

    Siding After

    Frostfire 14
    Frostfire 7
    Frostfire 8
    Frostfire 9
    Frostfire 10
    Frostfire 11
    Dining Lg
    Frostfire 2
    Frostfire 6